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Why HyperTrade?

Join our Risk-Free Trading Program and receive a free $1,000 Trading Account. Generate profits and get a 50% payout in 30 days, without risking your own capital. No qualifications required. Put your trading skills to the test with HyperTrade today.

01 - Receive $1,000 Funded Account Instantly
02 - Trade Forex, Stocks, Commodities and even Crypto
03 - Receive 50% Profit Share after 30 days

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Have any Questions?

What is HyperTrade?

HyperTrade is a proprietary trading firm that funds traders to maximise profits. Receive an instant $1,000 funded account and keep 50% of the profits generated within 30 days. Unleash your trading potential with HyperTrade.

Am I eligible to join HyperTrade?

We accept traders from all around the world. There is no special qualification required. If you can trade profitably and with proper risk management, that is all we care about.

How does HyperTrade work?

Join HyperTrade to gain access to a FREE US$1,000 trading account linked to our Proprietary Trading Firm's live account. We use AI-driven algorithms to copy successful traders on our platform and generate profits. You get to keep 50% of profits generated on your HyperTrade account for a valuable and symbiotic service.

Why should I join HyperTrade?

There are many reasons why you should join HyperTrade:

  1. 1. Trade without risking your own money - zero risk.
  2. 2. Trade without the psychological pressure of risking your own money.
  3. 3. Access to a minimum of $1,000 in trading capital, allowing for the potential to generate higher profits through leveraged trading.

How much does it cost to join HyperTrade?

Traders using our platform get completely FREE access to a $1,000 trading account. At the end of the day, HyperTrade profits from copying successful traders on our platform, so it is — a win-win for everyone.

Which platforms can I use for trading?

You can trade on the most popular retail platforms – MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 or cTrader.

Which instruments can I trade?

You can execute trades on a variety of CFD market instruments — including 80+ Forex Pairs, 60+ Cryptocurrencies, over 150+ of individual stocks and metals and energy.

What is the profit share?

Traders are entitled to retain 50% of the profits generated from their trading activities through our profit sharing program.

When can I withdraw my profit?

Profit split on the HyperTrade account occurs monthly by default. Receive your first profit split 30 days after receiving a funded account.

What happens if I lose money?

In the event of losing 5% or more of your total trading balance, your account will automatically be deactivated. You have the right to apply for a new funded account if your account has been deactivated.

What happens if my account is inactive for a period of time?

To avoid deactivation of your account, ensure you place a trade at least once every 30 days. Accounts that remain inactive for this period may be deleted by the broker.